Oregon Legislative Issues 

1. How a bill becomes law: The legislative process is governed by rules, laws and procedures, making it somewhat mechanical in nature. Although the legislative process is long and complex, all laws begin as ideas. Check out this site to see how your idea could become Oregon's next law.

2. How to testify before a legislative committee:  Committees are the heart of Oregon's legislative process. Giving public testimony before a legislative committee can be an exciting and fulfilling experience if you are prepared. Your testimony may influence the committee's action.

3. Find your legislators:  This "Find Your Legislator" page features a search engine that you can use to type in your address and find out who represents you in the Oregon House and Senate.

4. Letters to your legislators:  You may email your Legislator by using the "Write Your Legislator" feature. By entering your mailing address, your message will be automatically forwarded to your Representative and or Senator.

 5. Legislative Committee Assignments: See what Committees your legislator is on or find out which legislators are on Committees that you are interested in.


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